The Shipping Container Offices of Group 8

Near Geneva in the town of Chatelaine, Switzerland is the home of Group 8, an award winning architecture firm of about 70 people. Founded in 2000, their portfolio consists of some fairly impressive work, including multiple high-end architecture competition wins. My guess is their competitors didn’t consider repurposing a shipping container in their entries, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Their Shipping Container Offices of Group 8 are a work of art.

It’s the shipping container offices of Group 8 that first caught my attention while browsing the web looking at architecture sites. And upon seeing their office space — they’re a living, breathing work of art — I was literally blown away. They repurposed an old warehouse and added 16 recycled shipping containers, and the results are absolutely astonishing. Each container has it’s own purpose; meeting rooms, lounge, bathroom, shower, etc. The results are light, bright and stunning. With lots of clean and beautiful vantage points, it makes me want to design something!

I’ll keep this one short…just cast your eyes on the pics and start dreaming.

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Special mention should go to Regis Golay of the Federal Studio in Geneva for the amazing photography.

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