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Mark Guidry


Mark Guidry, PhD, Retired

Founder, Avasem Corporation
LSU Engineering Hall of Fame

In spending a great deal of time exploring the functionality of the site and working multiple transactions from beginning to end, there's no doubt that Shipped.com has come up with a site that revolutionizes the way that people buy and sell shipping containers. The site is responsive, intuitive and engineered to precision. Well done gentlemen.

Tony Gavin


Tony Gavin

Managing Director
Visisearch International Ltd

The shipping container industry waited a long time for this marketplace. I personally know the principals behind the site and have assisted in it's development. I love saving time and money and Shipped.com makes it easy for anyone to find the very best conex shipping container deals around the world.

Bill & Francoise Myers


Bill & Francoise Myers

The Myers Team
Las Vegas, Nevada

In the same way that the airlines are using internet gateways like Priceline to sell their extra seats, shipping container vendors are able to offer their containers through the Shipped Marketplace direct to us. We really feel great being able to submit 1 request and then getting to choose from such a diverse range of seller's offers.


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Delivery Truck Types

Flat Bed Tilt Truck (Standard)

The default, most economical and most frequently used delivery method. You'll need 100 feet of clearance in a straight line for a 40' container and 60 feet of clearance for a 20'. The default is for the container doors to be front facing, if you want rear facing doors, specify that in the notes.

Truck w/ Integrated Crane (Hiab Truck)

This type of delivery combination is used when lateral space is an issue, if the container is going to be set up on a high pedestal or when buying multiple or odd-size containers. The container is loaded onto the Hiab Truck, delivered to the site and unloaded with the built-in front-loader crane. The size/type of Hiab Truck depends on the number and size of the container(s).

Flatbed Trailer w/ Separate Crane

This is an alternative to the integrated (all-in-one) flatbed/crane (Haib Truck) option. This method is commonly used when purchasing large numbers of containers, or containers of different sizes that will be delivered on multiple flatbeds, or via multiple trips. The crane will follow on a separate (possibly Hiab-type) vehicle. As above, good when placing the container on a high bed, pedestal or when stacking.

Flatbed Trailer (We have our own crane)

If you have your own crane or forklift, this is the best and cheapest way to go. The container is placed on a flatbed truck / chassis and delivered to your site. It's then your responsibility to safely move the container with your own crane or forklift.

Special Delivery (Specify in Notes)

Have a complex situation? Select this option and include in your notes the intended use of the container and where you'll need it delivered; i.e. gravel, a cement pad, stacked containers, etc. Include as much information as possible about the delivery location and your specific requirements.

If you're unsure about which method to choose, please contact us, we'd be glad to assist you.


Currency Exchange Rates

Please note that currency exchange rates fluctuate all the time and when checking this bid later, it may change. This is due to the fact that your seller is bidding in a different currency. Shipped.com utilizes multiple currency exchanges to provide the mid-point between currency markets of the world. These are the most accurate exchange rates possible. More information is available at our FAQ page.

Bid Prices

The price you are quoted is the total price you pay for all containers ordered. All taxes, fees and costs are already included. These include the cost of shipping, handling, delivery, taxes, insurance, customs duties, port charges and any other applicable fees.


Shipping Container Ratings / Grades

 New (One Trip) Containers

Nearly all new containers are manufactured in Asia and delivered by ship to ports worldwide. To defray shipping costs, they will have had cargo loaded in them for the one-trip over from Asia. Nevertheless, these are brand new, clean, dent and problem free, with the durable manufactures original paint and warranty. New containers are not only new, they are also certified to transport cargo without an inspection for 5 years! Whenever reliability, longevity or aesthetics are important, this is your #1 choice.

 Certified (IICL/CSC Plated/Cargo Worthy) Containers

These are used containers that are certified for transport of cargo domestically or overseas. They are generally between 2-8 years of age and while there may be some minor dents, scratches and cosmetic imperfections, these containers structurally are of a very high quality. A cargo worthy container must be surveyed or certified by a licensed surveyor. Regardless if you plan to transport your container or not, a surveyed container will guarantee that you will receive a unit that is structurally sound. Cargo worthy (certified) inspection criteria is based on condition of the doors, floor, walls, ceiling and structural integrity. You can expect a 10% to 20% price increase for this product grade vs a "A" grade container. If you will ever transport your container or want the highest quality used box then this is your best choice.

 "A" Grade (Wind and Water Tight) Containers

"A" Grade - Wind and Water Tight (WWT) containers are used as shipping containers for many years then retired by shipping or leasing companies. You can lock yourself inside the container and not see any light coming in. There will be some cosmetic imperfections, minor exterior rust, straight walls with minor denting and a true curvature to the roof bows. The doors will properly open and close. The floor will be in good condition. These containers are ~10% more expensive than "B" grades. A Grade containers are a great choice when you want a guaranteed WWT container at a very low price.

 "B" Grade (AS-IS) Containers

"B" grade is used to describe "As Is" units. Most will be wind and water tight (WWT) but others may have pin holes. This is more of fixer-upper product grade. The container will have exterior denting and rusty sections. The walls will be mostly straight but the curvature of the roof bows may not be true. The doors and flooring will be worn but useable. Used containers in this category are the most popular choice for contractors or other resourceful people who have the ability to use it as-is or refurbish it. This grade is abundant in supply and has the most inherent value for money.

 "D" Grade (Damaged) Containers

These are used units with major damage. These containers have advanced rust, doors that don't fully open or close, structural problems, rotten floors or other serious problems. They are typically sold for recycling the steel or specific projects. "C & D" Grade (Damaged) containers are NOT SOLD on the Shipped.com Marketplace.

Container Sizes 20′ container 40′ container 40′ high-cube container 45′ high-cube container
imperial metric imperial metric imperial metric imperial metric
length 19′ 10 12 6.058 m 40′ 0″ 12.192 m 40′ 0″ 12.192 m 45′ 0″ 13.716 m
width 8′ 0″ 2.438 m 8′ 0″ 2.438 m 8′ 0″ 2.438 m 8′ 0″ 2.438 m
height 8′ 6″ 2.591 m 8′ 6″ 2.591 m 9′ 6″ 2.896 m 9′ 6″ 2.896 m
length 18′ 8 1316 5.710 m 39′ 5 4564 12.032 m 39′ 4″ 12.000 m 44′ 4″ 13.556 m
width 7′ 8 1932 2.352 m 7′ 8 1932 2.352 m 7′ 7″ 2.311 m 7′ 8 1932 2.352 m
height 7′ 9 5764 2.385 m 7′ 9 5764 2.385 m 8′ 9″ 2.650 m 8′ 9 1516 2.698 m
door aperture width 7′ 8 ⅛″ 2.343 m 7′ 8 ⅛″ 2.343 m 7′ 6" 2.280 m 7′ 8 ⅛″ 2.343 m
height 7′ 5 ¾″ 2.280 m 7′ 5 ¾″ 2.280 m 8′ 5″ 2.560 m 8′ 5 4964 2.585 m
internal volume 1,169 ft³ 33.1 m³ 2,385 ft³ 67.5 m³ 2,660 ft³ 75.3 m³ 3,040 ft³ 86.1 m³
gross weight
66,139 lb 30,400 kg 66,139 lb 30,400 kg 68,008 lb 30,848 kg 66,139 lb 30,400 kg
empty weight 4,850 lb 2,200 kg 8,380 lb 3,800 kg 8,598 lb 3,900 kg 10,580 lb 4,800 kg
net load 61,289 lb 28,200 kg 57,759 lb 26,600 kg 58,598 lb 26,580 kg 55,559 lb 25,600 kg

More Size & Capacity info in our Buyer's Guide here »


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