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  Container CSC Plate Location & Reasons to Perform A Survey

  CSC Plate Location

  Reasons to Perform A Survey

There are many reasons to survey your shipping containers: If you ever want to send your container(s) overseas by ship, rail or truck, then a survey is mandatory. Even if you're not planning on transporting your containers now, your situation may change. A survey ensures that the container(s) you're buying are inspected by a licensed 3rd party who will inspect, photograph and certify they are safe and truly cargo-worthy.


  The Components Of A Shipping Container CSC Plate



  • A 3rd-party, licensed surveyor schedules an appointment at the depot to inspect the container(s).
  • At the depot using a container stacker or intermodal forklift, the container(s) are moved from tall stacks to the inspection/staging area.
  • After driving to the depot, the surveyor is shown the container(s) with the correct BIC codes (serial numbers) to be inspected.
  • The Surveyor examines each container individually and takes photos at all angles inside and out.
  • Working off a checklist, the Surveyor examines: the structural integrity, doors, floor, corner castings & posts, panel tolerances, roof bows, and uses a forklift to check the underside for wear & tear, plus much, much more.
  • If anything is found to be out of spec, the Surveyor requires the depot to repair the container(s) to ISO specifications before export is allowed.
  • The Surveyor affixes a new ACEP survey approval sticker to the container(s) CSC plate with an integrated serial number for easy online verification by customs officials and shipping lines.
  • The container(s) can now be shipped overseas, sent by rail or by truck to any imaginable destination worldwide.




  Photos of your container inside and out.
  Official certification paperwork stating that your container is cargo worthy.
  ACEP affixed sticker with valid certificate numbers and online verification.


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