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20 foot shipping container in creme color with logo on the side in blue Shipping Container Types

A 20 foot standard height (8 1/2 feet tall) shipping container shown on angle in RAL 1001 color

20' Standard

A 20 foot high-cube (9 1/2 feet tall) shipping container shown on angle in RAL 1001 color

20' High-Cube high cube icon

A 20 foot standard height (8 1/2 feet tall) double-door shipping container shown with both doors open in RAL 1001 color

20' Double Doors

A 20 foot standard height (8 1/2 feet tall) shipping container with open side doors shown at an angle

20' Open Side

A 40 foot standard height (8 1/2 feet tall) shipping container shown at an angle in blue

40' Standard

A 40 foot high-cube (9 1/2 feet tall) shipping container shown on angle in blue

40' High-Cube high cube icon

A 40 foot standard height (8 1/2 feet tall) shipping container with double doors shown with all doors open in RAL 1001 color

40' Double Doors

A 40 foot high-cube height (9 1/2 feet tall) shipping container with open side doors shown at an angle in blue

40' Open Side

round circle showing building blocks  We Sell New & Used Shipping Containers In Montréal

Montréal is a gigantic metropolis located in Quebec, Canada The national flag of Canada with a confusingly giant number of buying options. Price comparison shopping will take you days --often weeks-- of requesting quotes and waiting for bids to come back from local vendors. Only after countless emails, faxes and phone calls will you will decide on a seller. But more often than not, you'll be dealing with a company you're not familiar with, potentially exposing yourself to dissatisfaction or even worse... fraud! Alternatively, you could buy from a large brand name vendor but you'll pay extra money for the security and peace of mind. If only there was a better way to buy a shipping container... Well now there is!

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Imagine a global marketplace of shipping container sellers that compete for your business. A marketplace built with efficiency and your safety in mind. A marketplace that combines true competition with local commerce - resulting in the best prices and terms available. offers an iron clad satisfaction guarantee, including fraud protection. No more searching for Storage & Shipping Containers For Sale In Montreal or haggling with local Montréal container sellers or national vendors. Let the sellers in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the whole rest of the world do their very best to earn your business! Welcome to the game changing Marketplace, where you can buy a shipping container at the lowest possible price along with the very best delivery terms available anywhere. is a certified seller badge in gold

round circle showing building blocks  Interesting Montréal Facts

Montréal is a gigantic metropolis in New-York, Canada which is part of North America. Census data reveals that the population is approximately 3,268,513 people. Montréal is in the America/Montreal timezone and the current date and time is: 2018-02-23 13:05:17. Alternative names of the city include: Lungsod ng Montreal,Lungsod ng Montréal,Monreal,Monreal',Monreala,Monrealis,Monreyal,Monreāla,Mons Regius,Mont-real,Montreal,Montreal - Montreal,Montreal - Montréal,Montreal City,Montreali,Montrealo,Montréal,YMQ,meng te li er,monreali,monteuliol,montorioru,mwntral,mwntryal,Μοντρεαλ,Μόντρεαλ,Монреал,Монреаль,Монтреал,מונטריאול,مونترآل,مونتریال,مونترېئال,მონრეალი,ᒧᕆᐊᓪ,モントリオール,蒙特利尔,몬트리올. ISO intermodal conex storage containers are available for sale in Montréal from Shipped in 20', 40', 40' Hi-cube and 45' High-cube sizes. technical avatar drawing New Arrivals! Montreal Container Inventory Now Available For Purchase

shipping container being unpacked by 2 happy peopleWe offer more depot locations in Quebec and more daily new and used stock than anyone else. Whatever your containers use is, for home storage, business expansion or other use, we look forward to fulfilling your container needs. Please click below on 'See Inventory & Prices' below to see all our container inventory and direct prices. Our easy & secure online shopping cart allows you to checkout instantly. Thanks for your time & business.

40' Standard (8'6


2 x 40' Standard WWT (Wind & Water Tight) in Montreal, Quebec Canada flag   view pricing »

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