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a world map showing buyers and sellers connecting globally at Wholesale Containers and International Leasing Connects you to our own direct wholesale container inventory. You get the lowest possible price for pickup at any of our 60+ depots or the best delivery terms available. Plus, our iron-clad customer protection policy ensures that your container arrives safe and sound along with your complete satisfaction. No one beats our prices or our service!


The History Of

In 2014, we began as a group of nerds determined to revolutionize the shipping container industry. We liquidated our savings, purchased the world-class domain name and created a marketplace to help buyers learn about shipping containers and purchase them online from local sellers. See our original marketplace here. In the end, our marketplace business model was a terrible failure because container sellers did not want to compete with each other, instead they preferred to maintain local monopoly pricing.

In 2016, we pivoted and moved to a new business model, becoming a direct retailer. We purchased containers from shipping lines and large leasing companies for resale to our customers. We were able to help our customers get great deals but we had much bigger ambitions for the future. We expanded to offering rent to own shipping containers and rental containers. We also developed a network of over 800 independent owner/operator trucking providers and hundreds of surveyors and logistics partners.

During the Covid pandemic in 2020-2021, our ambitions and determination paid off. We began a groundbreaking journey to bring in our very own container inventory directly from China, Vietnam, Europe and other countries. We spent countless lock-down hours making new international logistics partnerships and began leasing containers to them. Now, with our own network of over 60+ depots and thousands of our very own containers available in USA alone, our operations and scope have exponentially grown! We have pushed the cost of containers for sale down to wholesale levels. Our international leasing division has served numerous small freight forwarders, logistics companies, as well as the largest shipping lines in the world!

You're going to love our direct checkout using the latest digital shopping cart technology and our friendly support staff is available 24/7 for your needs. We're very proud to have grown into one of the world's largest global shipping container sellers. A special thank you to all our customers - your loyalty, business and friendships are greatly appreciated.

Our Superstar Staff

Zach Ernstein logo

Zach Ernstein

Wholesale Sales Manager

Zach has decades of sales experience and is a leader in the intermodal container industry. He helps buyers purchase 1 to thousands of units at a time and also put together financing for shipping container retailers and depots. Let's chat!

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x120
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Gerald Wisnar logo

Gerald Wisnar

Container Sales

Gerald has 25 years of sales experience and is a top producer in the shipping container industry, where he specializes in new, used and rent to own units. He is knowledgeable and available everyday, to help get you a great deal and answer all your questions.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x111
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Jeff Collins logo

Jeff Collins

Container Sales

Jeff is an expert in sales flow, ensuring that our customer's needs are fulfilled all throughout the order process. He can help with all your shipping container questions and ensure that you get exactly the containers you want.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x101
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Allan Hummiyev logo

Allan Hummiyev

Container Sales

Allan has 6 years of sales experience specializing in assisting customers with their container needs. Allan is also a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x102
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Ronan Sweeney logo

Ronan Sweeney

General Manager

Through the use of proper planning and efficient automation tools, Ronan works to ensure that all of our customers orders are properly fulfilled and delivered to their destinations on time.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x201
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Julieta Cabana logo

Julieta Cabana

Wholesale Account Manager

Julieta works with our customers to coordinate all of their intermodal shipping container deliveries. She assists with all types of logistics, evaluating delivery sites and organizing CSC inspection surveys.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x204
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Eloise Chey logo

Eloise Chey

Operations / Logistics Coordinator

Eloise is from the beautiful idyllic island of Madagascar. She is currently in our logistics team, helping our valued customers to receive their containers. She also assists our other team members with mission critical operational tasks and projects.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x205
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Camila Cabana logo

Camila Cabana

Operations / Logistics Coordinator

Camila is from the beautiful country of Argentina. She is currently in our logistics team, helping our valued customers to receive their containers. She also assists our other team members with mission critical operational tasks and projects.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x203
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Anna Ng logo

Anna Ng

Operations / Logistics Coordinator

Anna is dedicated to quality logistics, ensuring that your order arrives on time, every time. She can help with any trucking, shipping container or customer service issue you need assistance with.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x206
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Mila Xu logo

Mila Xu

Wholesale Equipment Coordinator

Mila is passionate about life and work. She focuses on meaningful, and challenging projects in her wholesale equipment role at Shipped, leveraging her years of logistics experience.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED
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Marine Nomena logo

Marine Nomena

Operations / Logistics Coordinator

Marine is from the beautiful idyllic island of Madagascar. She is currently in our logistics team, helping our valued customers to receive their containers. She also assists our other team members with mission critical operational tasks and projects.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x202
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Greg Millay logo

Greg Millay

Customer Service Manager

Greg is a people person and a skilled manager. Having worked in the finance business for 20+ years, he's a master at solving problems and being nice to our valued customers.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED
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Steve Morvay logo

Steve Morvay

Corporate Relations

Steve is's biggest media spokesperson. You can connect with him on our Blog, our social pages at Twitter, Facebook, etc., and also via our press releases and media mentions worldwide. Feel free to email with any questions!

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED
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Jason Fox
Jason Fox caricature

Jason Fox

Founder & CEO

Jason is our leader and chief internet developer. He has created multiple startups and built tens of digital products before making shipping containers his full-time passion.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED x333
Direct: +1 765-FAST-FOX
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Lucy Le logo

Lucy Le

Comptroller General

Lucy is tasked with the incredibly important task of making sure our employees are paid, accounts payables & receivables are handled, all accounts properly reconciled and our own finance records are properly maintained.

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Office: +1 503-SHIPPED
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We Are Hiring

Positions Available

Worldwide Locations

Interested in starting or continuing a career in logistics or the intermodal container industry? We've got a wide range of exciting work available for skilled candidates. Go ahead and start a conversation with our management team today!

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