Rent To Own Shipping Containers

Prices from only $250 $185/mo make renting to OWN the way to go!

Shipping containers are the perfect solution for virtually any storage project. Instead of throwing your money away renting, you might as well rent-to-own and end up owning the container! Our conex storage containers are secure, sturdy and nearly indestructible. We provide easy home/business delivery nationwide and our pricing is better than anything you'll find locally or through the internet. We provide rent to own for less money than other companies charge for rental only! Choose from either 20' foot or 40' foot containers.

October Sale In Effect!

Hi there! Our Sales Managers here at the Marketplace are currently running a special sale on our rent to own containers. You can save at least $65 every month off of our already low prices! Whichever term you go with, this is a great deal. We would love to answer your questions and help ensure your total satisfaction.

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Zach Ernstein

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Gerald Wisnar

20' Rent To Own Containers

  • 3 Year Term
  • Brand   20ft Container
  • Beige, Grey or Royal Blue
  • 100% ISO Standards
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • $325 $265/mo
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  • 2 Year Term
  • Brand   20ft Container
  • Beige, Grey or Royal Blue
  • 100% ISO Standards
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • $450 $395/mo
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  • 1 Year Term
  • Brand   20ft Container
  • Beige, Grey or Royal Blue
  • 100% ISO Standards
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • $825 $750/mo
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40' & 45' Rent To Own Containers

Wind and Water Tight Containers (WWT)

Wind and Water Tight containers have been used to move cargo on the high seas. Most are retired after 8-12 years of service and are ready for a new owner. WWT containers are ideal for home/business storage and a multitude of other uses. You can lock yourself inside the container and not see any light coming in. There will be cosmetic imperfections, exterior rust, dents, dings, patch work and the roof bows may not be perfect. Nevertheless, the doors will properly open and close and the floor will worn but in good condition. These containers have a lot of inherent value and can easily be resold later. These containers have been on the high seas for thousands of days, they're certainly not perfect but they serve a great purpose. For home/business storage, a guaranteed wind and water tight container is a fantastic way to go at the lowest possible price!


Frequently Asked Questions

The top answers to all your shipping container questions.

1. Why are your prices so low?

A lot of our customers compare our prices to the competition and are blown away how much cheaper we are! Most national brands charge MORE money for a simple container RENTAL than we charge for RENT TO OWN! For one, you might as well save money every month and for two, you might as well end up OWNING IT! The reason we are able to offer containers at wholesale levels is because we have very low overhead costs. The national guys have big investments in land, trucks, giant marketing campaigns and hundreds of employees. Those costs add up big time. is a small group of quality people and we simply pass the savings on to you.

2. What is the rent to own process?

First, you should read our buyer's guide to shipping containers and choose the best size and rating for you. Next, here on our rent to own shipping containers page you can add a container to your shopping cart, instantly pay the delivery fee and sign up for monthly billing using your credit card. Next, you will sign the Rent to Own Agreement, provide your personal details and send us a photo of yourself holding your identification in hand. We confirm your identity, address and/or business information and approve your purchase. The last step is delivery, which is typically 5 to 10 working days from the order date. Our website mostly automates the process but we have superstar support staff standing by, for any assistance you need.

3. Is there a credit check and is it hard to be approved for rent to own?

In most cases there is NO CREDIT CHECK and the approval process is very easy. Our rent to own approval guidelines are based on common sense. Business customers are easily approved. Occasionally we have scammers that want a container delivered to a vacant lot that doesn't belong to them, where their credit card billing address doesn't match their delivery address and they refuse to send proper identification and their story sounds "fishy". For those types of shady people, they won't get approved. One the other hand, for all genuine people don't worry you will be approved. Please remember that we are sending you an item worth THOUSANDS of dollars on nothing more than a virtual handshake, so if we ask you a few personal questions, please be understanding and work with us. We are simply making sure you are not a "bad buyer" as mentioned previously and are instead, a genuine buyer.

4. How long does the RTO process take?

RTO orders take considerable time. The process includes: You need to checkout online, fill out the online RTO approval form, submit the approval documents (id card/income/signed RTO agreement/etc), once everything is submitted we verify the info and approve your RTO Order, then the last step is setting up your container delivery. Common things that cause delays are incorrectly signing the RTO agreement, not fully completing the RTO approval form, not uploading all required docs or incomplete/false info. If you need a container urgently, we recommend you purchase a shipping container instead of renting to own.

5. Is there a prepayment penalty and what is in the rent to own agreement?

We've always hated those nasty terms and conditions you find hidden in most contracts. At our agreement is straight forward and fair for both sides. Inside you will find NO PREPAYMENT PENALTY, in fact we offer you a PRE-PAYMENT DISCOUNT if you pay early! Our Agreement covers the details of your rental period, the monthly and total cost, along with a few basic conditions you agree to, most importantly to not move the container without notifying us in advance. There is a normal late fee if you forget to pay, but we even offer a one-time no cost late fee waiver if you have an emergency situation that comes up. Overall, we think you'll agree it's a fair and easy contract to sign.

If you would like to see the RTO agreement, please choose one of the Rent to Own Containers above. Click on "View Delivery Cost". You're now inside the shopping cart where the agreement and all costs will be shown on the right side of your screen.

6. Can I modify, paint, add a door or cut a hole in the rent to own container?

Once the rent to own period has ended, you are free to do whatever you like with the container, you are the owner. But before that point, you agree to not modify the container in any way. This includes painting, installing doors, windows, roller shutters, permanent shelving, air vents, whirly birds, permanent lighting fixtures, etc. If you need to make immediate modifications, you should directly purchase a shipping container.

7. Should I buy a new or used container?

Ask yourself if you need a beautiful container... if you do, buy new, otherwise we recommend a used unit. For most projects a used container is just fine. They are not as beautiful as new, but they work great for wind and water tight home/business storage. We've even seen customers cover used containers in vinyl siding and all sorts of other creative decorations to blend them into the side of a home.

8. Who am I buying from and who is behind

Great question! Take a look at our about us page.

9. How much does delivery cost?

Our website makes it easy! Click above on View Delivery $ to see the exact delivery cost and checkout online!

10. I have another question...

Check out our MarketPlace Protection Policies for complete details. We also recommend you consider reaching out to one of our sales managers, they have a lot of experience with shipping containers. They can answer all of your questions and help fulfill your needs. You can reach them at 503-SHIPPED (503-744-7733) or send us an email, we will respond fast! Thanks for your time and business.

Are you ready to rent to own a shipping container?

Within a few short minutes you can find a great container and checkout online. It really is this easy! Click on View Delivery $ above to see your exact delivery cost and checkout now!

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