$12m Shipping Container Supercomputer

$12m Shipping Container Supercomputer

Exceptional Role of a $12m Shipping Container Supercomputer in US Military

Explore the unique role of intermodal shipping containers in the US military. Highlighted by the Conex Container, these units play a pivotal role in protecting the nation from potential threats. With a significant investment, the United States Army procured a $12m Shipping Container Supercomputer; a supercomputer housed inside of a Shipping Container. This supercomputer’s primary objective is to cater to the needs of various users and departments within the Department of Defense.

$12m Shipping Container Supercomputer

Cutting-edge Deployment at US Army Research Facility

Delve into the classified procurement of an intermodal shipping container at the US Army Combat Capabilities Developmental Command Army Research Laboratory DoD Supercomputing Resource Center in Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground. This all-in-one supercomputer is a groundbreaking achievement, revolutionizing military applications. The Department of Defense highlights its profound impact, emphasizing its capabilities beyond conventional facilities.

Revolutionary Features of the Supercomputer

Uncover the power of this cutting-edge supercomputer boasting internal cooling systems and an impressive single precision performance of six petaflops. With dedicated nodes for machine learning tasks, optimized inferencing workloads, IBM Power9 processors, and high-speed networks, this system stands as a technological milestone. Its exceptional capabilities serve as a testament to innovation in military computing.

Enhancing Logistics with Corten Steel Shipping Containers

Discover how shipping containers, crafted from durable Corten steel, withstand diverse environments. These containers resiliently navigate harsh seas and endure storms, showcasing their robust design. As they traverse the globe, they also tackle the demands of shipping yards during loading and unloading.


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