The Pop-Up Shipping Container Hotel

You may have heard the term pop-up restaurant before, but what about a pop-up shipping container hotel?

That’s exactly what the geniuses at the Belgian firm Sleeping Around, based out of Antwerp, had in mind when they decided to take used Shipping Containers and repurpose them into a boutique hotel. In prior posts, we’ve covered the idea of converting shipping containers into hotels and apartments. But the Belgian company went one step further with the portable idea (actually recycling used shipping containers into movable hotels).  You know the movable hotel will be in Antwerp, but you won’t know exactly where until the day of your booking.  So on that day, just plug their GPS into your mobile device and go find them for a very cool Belgian retreat. How’s that for a novel idea! The Pop-Up Shipping Container Hotel. 

Sleeping Around takes the idea of the Pop-up and redefines it. According to their Web Site, instead of just making an appearance, as the term implies, their definition of “pop-up denotes exclusivity, flexibility and innovation…a unique experience with a strong element of surprise.” Surprise indeed! Each room is outfitted with a plush, comfortable bed, rain-shower, iPod docking station and air conditioning. Sounds modern and comfy.

Modifying a used shipping container into a cool living space, or even an apartment or hotel is nothing new. But the pop-up idea certainly is. And they have no shortage of shipping containers from which to choose, as the port of Antwerp has become one of Europe’s largest sea ports, ranking second behind Rotterdam in total freight shipped. But, aside from refilling them with cargo, or sending them back to China empty, how do you repurpose these used (and possibly only used once) containers? That’s the challenge that Sleeping Around took on.

Ironically, you may have to search just a little in the coming months as Sleeping Around has currently suspended operations, or as they say, they’re “in hibernation” while they look for locations. In the mean time, you can keep up with their progress by reading their Facebook page. And while you’re at it, why not take a look (and like) at ours too!

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Some photography Frederick Herresgods

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