A Living Work of Shipping Container Art

The move to convert Shipping Containers into livable, comfortable homes is continuing in full force. And many are taking the opportunity to not just make the container homes livable, but also to turn them into pieces of shipping container art.

In a recent article in Dwell, they highlight a shipping container turned into a living space in an artists colony in San Antonio. Jim Poteet, a Texas architect, helped Stacey Hill turn a normal 40′ shipping container into an absolutely stunning work of shipping container art that just happens to also be a home. Ms Hill uses the finished space as a summer home, playhouse, garden retreat, guesthouse and as a space just to hang.

Hill, who lives in the artist’s colony, calls it “The Container” and it comes equipped with heating and air-conditioning, bamboo flooring and wall-covering, a roof that’s also a garden, a small sink, shower and a composting toilet. To keep with the green theme of using re-purposed materials, they placed the structure on a base made from recycled telephone poles.

On the back of the container, Poteet and his team created an armature that will eventually be covered with vines, hiding the AC and heating unit, the reservoir for waste water and the composting toilet outlet.

The walls are covered by bamboo ply that Hill was luckily able to get on the cheap. And regarding the walls, Poteet used a spray-foam insulation between the exterior walls and the interior bamboo. “Now it’s the equivalent of a steel ice chest,” he says.

Jon Ahrens of Madrone Landscaping  planned and laid-out plantings around the container and implemented a green roof with a drip watering system. The cantilevered overhang at rear is planted with cacti.

Turning a shipping container into a beautiful, livable space can be a challenge. But it’s definitely doable and as you can see, the results are amazing.

Thanks again to Dwell for the inspiration for this article and for the cool pics. The original article can be found here.

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