The Multiple Uses Of a Conex Container

Shipping containers are used vastly throughout the world on a daily basis. The most common image people envisage when they think of a shipping container, is most like of a bulk container carrier out at sea.

Surely there has to be more uses for containers then safely moving cargo from one country to another. Of course there is many businesses and individuals purchase containers as a solution to storage. Why not they are often referred to as storage containers.

There has to be more ways to use these smartly constructed steel rectangular boxes. Affordable living spaces, yes affordable living spaces is one of the most clever forms I have seen thus far of these sturdy boxes. With a large movement through North America and the rest of the world moving to tiny living spaces why not consider the purchase of a container to make a home, an office, a studio or even an art gallery.

A quick search on google showed so many ingenious ways in which theses 40’ and 45’ High Cubed containers can be assembled together. It makes sense when you think about it, after all homes are only a series of boxes joined together anyway.

So why build using a shipping container. Ok there are many reasons, the first one that inspires me is they are made from steel, steel is extremely durable and flexible. When we consider the building of huge skyscrapers they use significants amount of steel in their construction. This steel is used as it allows structures to be raised higher and higher. Also it allows the building to move and flex with high winds to ensure it doesn’t collapse and fall down. In many places that suffer from earthquakes this steel is tantamount to maintaining the structures integrity during an earthquake scenario.

Secondly I think the ability to join them together, cut them apart, weld new sections in and stack them like a young child playing with lego blocks creates what makes container homes extremely unique.

So how do I go about making my unique container home. I would suggest you google the many companies around that work with kind of dwelling or engage a forward thinking architect to give you the one off unique home you are after.

The process itself is reasonably simple. The site for the container home will need a structural concrete pad, a process used in many countries for the building of brick houses.

Before the pad is laid utilities such as plumbing, gas electricity and waste disposal must be put in place. Then add a waterproof membrane structural steel reinforcement mesh and then the slab is poured usually to a depth of around 4 inches. The pad now needs to be left to cure. In some areas using a concrete pad may not be the best option, in these areas that are prone to earthquakes of have high clay content in the soil, steel footings would be used as the foundation of the house.

Then the fun begins the containers are now moved into position, cut open were needed to make way for doors, windows and welded together.

From here on in the build starts to take on a more traditional feel, utility lines are placed in. The internal walls now need insulation then a traditional dry wall is placed in to hide the corrugations of the steel and protect the new home from heat and cold.

Windows are installed kitchens are fitted bathrooms laid out. Floor coverings dropped in, painting begins and before you know your new unique container home is ready for you to move in. Family grows no problem add a new container to accomodate your families needs.

Certainly for me the uniqueness of this kind of build put it top of my list for a new home option. I know once I build it it will be for a long time after I have left this earth.

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