Mr White’s New Shipping Container Home

Belfast’s Front Street Shipyard, located in Belfast Maine, is partnered by a man named Steve White and his shipping container home.

White, who also owns Brooklin Boat Yard, has always been intrigued by the idea of using recycled products as a source of living space. He had been hearing about homes built out of used shipping containers and liked the idea. He was also interested in purchasing Real Estate in Belfast, so the two ideas met in the middle. White, with fresh enthusiasm for his new idea, talked to Chad Walton of Brewer’s SnapSpace Solutions Inc. to see to see if he could get his hands on a couple of used shipping containers.

It wasn’t a problem: The country has a huge surplus of these containers. “That’s one of the big issues with the United States. We’re importing more than we’re exporting, and these containers are starting to stack up,” White said. “They were single-use containers in very nice condition, and that made it easy.”

As most of you visitors to this website already know, there is indeed a surplus of used shipping containers in the United States. Additionally, there are a lot of single use / one trip containers in very nice shape.

Walton’s 3-year-old company, Brewer’s SnapSpace Solutions, Inc., specializes in repurposing used shipping containers into a variety of items; homes, offices, modular buildings, dorms, emergency shelters…you name it! According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, Walton claims that homes made from recycled shipping containers are cheaper that most other types of homes (stick-built), “They’re solid and storm-proof”, he said. Not to mention being faster and easier to build than conventional homes.

The rest is history. Walton helped White purchase the used containers, cut them up into usable pieces and before long, he had his own, beautiful houseboat which was completely winterized with a propane furnace and radiant heat in the floors.

White finished his home on the water the fall of 2013 and towed it to it’s final berth near the Belfast Water Walk in Belfast, Maine. The 1000 square-foot house draws a lot of attention from walkers-by who ogle at it as if they had just seen a spaceship. Though the close proximity to a main pedestrian area may not seem very private, “it’s relaxing for me” claims White. “I love it!”.

The two bedroom houseboat has a huge kitchen and a rooftop deck with large windows that look out over the harbor. In addition to everything you could expect in a regular house, plumbing, electricity, insulation, furnishings and a nice red paint job, the total bill was around $90,000.

Take a look at this pic of Mr White’s new home and tell me if you don’t think that it looks cool.

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Mr White’s New Shipping Container Home

Mr White’s New Shipping Container Home


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