Shipping Container Grades and Configurations

Considering renting or buying a shipping container, but not familiar with all the sizes, grades and configurations available? 20ft and 40ft containers are the most common sizes, but few people actually know that there are more than 16 different types of configurations depending on the type of product shipped or special service needed from them. There are also different container grades from new to used WWT (wind water tight) and CWO (cargo worthy containers) as you will learn below. At we can match you with some of the most common types of shipping containers in use today and offer you excellent service from start to finish.

All of our WWT (wind water tight) containers have been inspected by our depots and have passed quality control. The walls will have dents, minor exterior rust and scratches that are visible are considered normal since these containers were originally used by international cargo carriers. We guaranteed that the doors have intact rubber seals that keep water out, leaving the floor in great condition. This WWT grade of container is not in perfect condition, it will have many dents and scratches but overall it will be structurally sound. WWT containers have passed an inspection that deems them to be structurally sound, this is required because they’re are often stacked eight containers high at the depots.  The method used to check containers have a tight seal you can lock yourself inside the container and check for any light coming in. The doors will open and close and the floor will be in good working condition. WWT grade containers are an excellent choice when you are looking for the best deal when it comes to home and business storage.  We give our one year guarantee from the date of purchase that our WWT containers have no leaks, giving you the best value for your money!

Basic CWO (cargo worthy) shipping containers are generally younger than wind & water tight containers.  The grade is based on their structural integrity (not aesthetics). These units may still be used for export but may still have rust, dents and dings on the unit.  If you are not worried about the cosmetic appearance of the container, this is another great choice. If you need something that is more presentable we suggest and upgrade to a one-trip container instead.  CWO containers are a great option for storage and export which is the main use for customers that purchase this grade of container.

Other less common configurations you can find are flat rack containers for oversized equipment, usually construction machinery.  Open top containers for materials any height and easy loading.  Tunnel (double door) containers are great for loading and unloading quickly from either side.  Open side containers,  like the name suggest opens from the side for wider room to unload.  Refrigerated containers are temperature regulated and are exclusively used for perishable substances that need to travel long distances.  Now we have unique containers for stadium seating and partitioned off units to be used for storage or building your own depot.  If you would like to learn more about any of the units mentioned, don’t hesitate to contact us at SHIPPED and we can match you with any container you need.



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