Crypto Data Centers Built With Shipping Containers

Crypto is digital money and one of the key assets it has is that its decentralized.  If you are familiar with the industry you know that there are crypto miners that use expensive computers that also use up large amounts of energy to run.  If the cost of operating their servers and data centers is more than the value of the crypto coins they are mining at a loss.  This has been a very delicate balance to try to overcome and many times companies fail due to increasing cost or local regulations prohibiting the business.  The use of intermodal shipping containers has gone far beyond their intended use from building stadiums, homes, retails stores and now one new thing can be added to the list, data centers.

Besides, being environmentally friendly by reusing conex containers to build a data center inside, a shipping container has additional perks in its favor.  As mentioned above the variable cost of electricity affect the bottom line of these mining companies and if it were ever to increase, the conventional centers would have to eat the cost.  In addition, the crypto climate is an ever-changing one and political factors have shut down several centers or prohibited them to operate after new laws.  The advantage of the shipping container is their accessibility and how it can easily move.  If the electricity prices rise or political climate changes, all that the company would need to do is pick up and move.  Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures (BHCV) has announced a partnership with SG Blocks to do just that.  By the end of this year they will have shipping containers built into data centers where they could also scale up and grow, a perfect way to operate their company.



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