Where To Buy Shipping Containers?

If it’s your first time purchasing a shipping container you might be overwhelmed and also find it difficult to source your own storage container.  Online, several searches will lead you to used containers that may be hundreds of miles away and all you have to go by to make a decision are photos that don’t depict the actual condition of the conex box.  Aside from the issues of just seeing photo of your potential investment you will also have to work out the logistics of the pickup and delivery to your location.  At first that may seem simple enough, just grab a truck and pick it up, but there is more to that than the actual pickup.  You must make sure the delivery area is prepared and the truck has enough runway to drop the container in place, you also need to make sure there is enough overhead clearance without obstruction before anything else too. At this point you probably opted out to hire a trucking company to make the move and you quickly found out how expensive it is, but does your truck meet the DOT requirements for transporting a container, or do you need a permit?  Knowing who to buy from is what is basically comes down to.  You need a seller you can trust and also someone to take care of all the headaches and problems that may come up.

Now, thanks to your due diligence you’ve found SHIPPED.  We are the leaders in used and new container sales nationwide and help you every step of the way.  From correctly sourcing your container at the closest location to you and inspecting the intermodal container to make sure you are getting the best unit in the yard.  Our team is dedicated to providing the best service and value for all our customer and the same courtesy applies whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced exporter.  Thanks to our experience and bulk purchases, we are able to pass down the saving to you!  If you are ready to buy, rent or have questions before proceeding don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.




Are you interested in buying a new or used shipping container at the lowest possible price along with the best delivery terms available? Shipped.com saves you real time and money, enabling you to see instant pricing, including delivery and checkout safely all online!  See Container Deals Now…

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