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If you’re out in rural Colorado you know the importance of a storage unit but also worry about how safe your things will be when you’re not around.  A shed or camper trailer might sound like a good idea until you learn the hard way that mice or other rodents are getting in and contaminating all your valuables.  There’s also been people who have contracted a disease called Hantavirus when cleaning out their sheds because of the rodent droppings and urine that gets mixed and easily contracted in the air.  These circumstances are more common than people think and its why the right storage solution is important when you won’t always be around.

Rural Colorado offers an amazing array of outdoor activities and its why so many people have a place outside of the big cities where they go to “get-away”.  Shipping containers will offer the perfect storage solution for those rural areas that have to weather the elements and keep valuables safe.  The versatility of the Conex box is also a big appeal because it offers a semi-permanent storage solution that can be easily transported somewhere else.  The fact they are wind and water proof also brings assurance that through any storm, all your valuables will be safe.  With that said you can also be at ease that no mice or rodent can enter your intermodal container and have a feast with your things.  The durability and constructions of these shipping containers makes them an ideal choice for the save storage of valuables anywhere you live.  If you’d like to learn more about owning or renting a container in your area, contact our team today.



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