Certified Sellers

Enabling You To Find A Trustworthy, Committed and Professional Seller

When shopping for a shipping container, you need to know the firm selling you the container meets and maintains high standards. In short, saavy buyer's like you want to know that your container professional is trustworthy, committed and professional.


Without trust, one has nothing. Our Certified Sellers have shown themselves to be worthy of your trust by consistently doing what's right for buyers.


Being a committed seller ensures the shipping containers you order consistently arrive on-time and in the exact condition you expect.


Anyone can get in business, but only a professional seller can stay in business and excel at it. We've discovered that professional sellers ensure your total purchase satisfaction.

Sellers who have earned the Seller Certification have achieved and maintained the highest standards of professionalism, and the containers they sell are the best in the business. They understand and have developed a high-level of proficiency in the Marketplace process. They respond quickly to container requests and their bid prices and delivery times are competitive. Knowing that repeat business is the key to success, these sellers are honest and put integrity at the top of their priorities list. Along with honest bids, our Certified Sellers will provide clear high-quality photos, so that you can see exactly the container they are bidding on inside and out.


2018 Shipped Certified Sellers:

The sellers you see listed here are trustworthy, committed and professional. They are experts in the shipping container industry, and continually exhibit the highest quality standards.

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